our Products - all vegan- all the time!

(Although our products are made with gluten free products the facility we use at this time produces items that contain gluten)

Sprouted Bean Burger - sprouted for healthy digestion and maximum nutritional value. This is a burger like no other you have ever tasted. This is NOT a black bean burger! This burger is made with all organic ingredients, sprouted beans, potatoes, onions, and a symphony of spices to make your taste buds sing! On the grill or on the stove this burger is sure to be a show stopper during any meal! Enjoy the convenience of grabbing one of these burgers out of your freezer anytime you need a quick healthy meal or a solution to a quick lunch at work!

Cashew Cheese - Sliceable, meltable, and shreddable! This is like no other cashew cheese you have ever tasted! Its a good thing you can prepare it so many ways because you won’t be able to keep yourself from putting this creamy flavorful cashew cheese on EVERYTHING! This cheese goes with anything from tacos to pizza to something as classy as a caprese salad! The only thing you will regret about this cheese is that you didn’t buy more!

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